Project#3: Oil @ home

Project #3: Oil @ home is a small, intimate affair where artists and non-artists learn from one another as they talk creativity, art and innovation. Good food, good wine and great company!

Sunday. 26 February 2017 @ 9am – 2pm
Lynnwood Manor

Medium: Mixed Media


This very special event allows anyone interested in oil painting to harness the knowledge, input and companionship of other art lovers in a warm and welcoming environment. You do not need to have any art experience, simply the desire to be in the company of artists and to create beautiful art in oil. You are most welcome to paint anything you want. If you are not sure about your theme, let’s have a chat and see if we can find some inspiration. This event includes a meal and beverages..


  • Reference picture (Paint anything you want!)
  • Oil paints
  • Medium of choice (Liquin/Linseed oil/Artists spirits etc)
  • Container for medium
  • Canvass primed for oil  (Approximately A4 size)
  • Pencil
  • Cloth to clean brushes with
  • Paintbrushes ( I suggest sticking with the basics: Flats and Filberts. Flat brushes will give you sharper edges, while Filberts will create softer more rounded strokes).



  • This event costs R550 per person, and includes a hearty meal, wine, coldrink and bottomless cappuccino!
  • There are only 8 spaces available so please book as soon as possible via:


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