A Valentine’s message: “Spread the love”

PROJECT: Spread the love 

The premise
The narrative behind this idea is simple, it talks about love that goes beyond romantic love – love for your fellow man, the environment, animals, etc.  It also considers ways in which one can send more love out into the world.

In practice
A team of about 25 amateur artists from the community will work together to create an artwork that is visually appealing, celebrates romantic love and contains a public service message – “spread the love”. These participants will embark on a journey to paint an enormous amounts of hearts (in different styles and techniques) in acrylic paint on a very large canvass (depended on floor space). There will be lines and markings on the canvas that will indicate areas not to be painted so that in the end, once all the hearts have been filled in an image will be revealed when views from higher up … So, when viewed from up close you’ll see a multitude of lovely hearts in different motifs, and from a far you’ll see a valentine themed picture (To be discussed). In addition, among the hearts there will be 101 ways in which to spread the love. These are little messages written on the canvas and are simple ideas like ‘plant a tree’, ‘greet a stranger’, etc. You can view a visual demonstration of the concept on this prezi

What we’ll need 

  • Very large canvas material
  • Drop sheets for the area
  • Paints and containers
  • Brushes
  • Masking tape and black bags.
  • Some promotional effort to attract participants (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Nice to have

Some sort of wardrobe addition for participants. Maybe T-shirts, maybe something quirky like wings, or love antlers – make them seem like the ‘heart factory elves’ 🙂

Participants will be largely from my own network of amateur artists but for the purpose of community building it is important to have local community members as well. The proceedings will take the form of a workshop and will kick off with a short lesson on different acrylic painting techniques. And participants will be required to register on the Art-Unusual webpage, and pay the workshop fee.