Project: Art Underground

Project: ‘Art Underground’. Art-activism, guerrilla art, street art, creative resistance – call it what you wish, but here we use art to effect social change.  I could tell you more but the first rule of Art Underground is don’t talk about – well, you know the rest. Leave you name and contact details and you will…

Project: ‘Complete me’

Project: ‘Complete Me’teaches portrait techniques in 4 different mediums and run over 4 sessions. After the last lesson you will have sections of the face in different mediums that when put together forms a stunning contemporary portrait.

Medium: Oil / Acrylic / Pastel / Coloured pencil /

Project#3: Oil @ home

Project #3: Oil @ home is a small, intimate affair where artists and non-artists learn from one another as they talk creativity, art and innovation. Good food, good wine and great company! Sunday. 26 February 2017 @ 9am – 2pm Lynnwood Manor Medium: Mixed Media

Project: Zentagles at Lucky Rodrigo

Project: Zentangle @ Lucky Rodrigo is a collaborative project that feels more like a party! It employs a type of ‘doodling style’ known as Zentangles. Put together these beautiful black and white drawings will reveal one beautiful image. Curious about the end-picture?  Then come and be part of the movement! Saturday, 1 April 2017 @ 11am –…