Hi Richard

I’m so happy that you’ve joined me on this page especially created for you. This is a quick summary of the type of thing I was telling you about on Linked in. Please note, this is not a proposal, this is an extended hand, wishing to collaborate.

  1. About Art Unusual headertezt02_new

I.O.W – We are concerned with the healing properties that art offers, not only to the individual but to communities.of place and communities of interest. As a result, we endeavour to bring together artists and non-artists to create beautiful visualisations.

2. What we would like to do (in principle) 

As the Innovation Hub is positioned as  a progressive epicenter of creativity and innovation we would like to bring live, organic ‘pop up art’ to the heart of it. The art work is not meant to be permanent, in fact, some of its beauty lies in its transient nature. Also, community participation ensures that it is brought to life right there and then. The synergy between ‘innovation’ and ‘collaboration’ is a good fit, throw in creativity and the potential in partnership is undeniable.

” Innovation and Collaboration: It’s Not An Either-Or Proposition” – Forbes Magazine


3. What we would like to do (in practice)



We will provide the artwork, the supplies, the community members, some PR activities all we require is that a concept is agreed on, and some effective space at the IH.



4. Content

So, to reiterate, this example only outlines the underlying intention and action , it does not propose this content. That would be a matter of discussion. The narrative could be very wide – a welcome message at the beginning of the year, the power of collaboration in innovation, the importance of community, perhaps it is an image for Human Rights Day or Freedom day?! There are so many messages that could be driven home by this very simple idea. It would also support the fact that the innovation hub ‘walks the talk” so to speak.


5. Benefits

We both know that the unusual, attracts attention and generates excitement. In  addition to enhancing the relationship among the community creating the work, it also permeates the audience and promotes unity. The  association alone is powerful as the combined message is one of innovation. There is also some potential of generating some local media interest, as well as posting a timelaps of the art work on social media.


6. In conclusion

I feel very strongly about the themes inherent in this project – art, community, collaboration, creativity, beauty, innovation – and would sincerely like to work together with the Innovation Hub to make it happen. I would really appreciate your support and guidance in this gentle form of guerrilla marketing.

Thanks so much for taking the time. My cel number is on my email and I hope to hear from you soon!


Best regards,